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Recover from Burnout Using Chakra Activation in Just 40 Days… and Get All of the Tools You Need to Guide Your Students Out of Burnout

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Recover From Burnout

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Chakra Healing & Kundalini Awakening Yoga Training

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Nicole Walters

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I want to say that deciding to do your course is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I am a runner, very healthy. That has been my therapy and something that I love. But also, a way of avoiding thinking too much about important issues like my relationships. I never imagined in my life doing this type of work. But since I began the course I am feeling much stronger mentally, less fear, and anxiety.

For the first time in 15 years, now have the courage to speak openly about issues in my relationships.


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“After the first class with Gloria, I felt instant results. My mood had lifted. Everything had shifted. I felt great. By the end of the immersion, I felt physically, emotionally, and even spiritually stronger — and more confident — like I could handle anything life threw at me. I realized this is something I want to do long term. I wanted to do the teacher training to deepen my own practice because I could already see the results I’d gotten. And I felt really drawn to this practice, and I wanted to teach it.
I love actually practicing through the eyes of a teacher. Doing this course really empowers you to become your own guide, to become your own teacher. ”

Jackie Suginaga, Meditation Teacher

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“These practices have released the patterns in my body and the emotional blocks in my mind. Every practice I feel lighter, brighter, and stronger mentally and physically.

I was meditating before this, but it wasn’t releasing old patterns that were keeping me stuck. This work releases old patterns and lets me be my best self.

It’s part of my daily life now.”

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